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How to set up department routing via pre-chat requirements

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How can I set up department routing through pre-chat requirements?


To set up deparment routing via the live chat software pre-chat requirements, please view this video or follow these simple steps: 

1.  Go to Admin Panel > My Account -> Departments.

      - Configure departments for your account.

2.  Go to Admin Panel > My Account > Operators.

      - Add/Edit operators and assign them to departments. (If you need an operator assigned to multiple departments, hold Ctrl and click the appropriate departments.)

3. Go to Admin Panel > Chat System ->Customization> Pre-Chat Requirements.

      - Select "Department list" and name the field to have Department Dropdown (select) list shown on Pre-chat window.

4. Go to Admin Panel > My Account -> Operator view access and enable either "Only my department" or "Assign to me + unassigned in my department" view so operators are not able to respond to chats not assigned to their departments.

If you would like to automatically assign customers to departments please follow this article:


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