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Live chat installation on multiple websites

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How do I setup two or more customized chat portals on different websites all under the same account?


In the live chat software, you can have two or more different live chat portals setup under the same account which would look and act differently for your customers while still connecting to the same LiveHelpNow account. To accomplish this please follow these steps:

1. Switch to "Admin Panel" and choose "Chat System->Customization->Chat window"

2. Click on "Add window customization" to add and customize a new chat window for your new live chat portal. 

Please note: The chat window title will display your Company Name so use something generic like "Live Chat" in Admin Panel -> My Account -> Account info (Company Name)

3. You can now customize pre-chat requirements, offline window preferences, system messages, etc for each chat window by choosing appropriate customization options in the menu. Where to go to customize the chat system.

4. Choose "Admin panel -> Chat System -> Installation -> Live chat button" menu. Select "For websites" installation, then the chat button you would like to use for this installation on the next page.

5. After choosing a live chat button you will be given a code snippet to place on your website. Above the code in the drop-down list choose the chat window to associate with this live chat button / website portal.

6. Copy the code and install it on your new website / portal.

You may also take customization even further with incorporating department routing

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