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Customize with different languages

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Does LiveHelpNow support different languages?


Yes. You can translate your LiveHelpNow account into any language for the customer facing side of the software.

Here are the steps to customize each live chat software system into the language you desire.

Surveys (Create multiple surveys, including post-chat surveys)

Chat System

   Chat button - This article will show you how to customize your own button.


   Chat Window - Please go to the following to change the statements in the chat window.

              Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization > Chat window

              Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization > System messages

              Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization > Pre-chat requirements (When using Pre-chat requirements)

              Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization > Offline window (When not using Ticket System)

              Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization > Invitation window (When using automatic invitation window)                           

Ticket System

   Ticket labels - Please go here to customize the labels for the ticket submission form.

              Admin Panel > Ticket System > Customization > Labels & Fields

   Ticket automation - Please go here to customize the statements and email bodies in the auto-responses from the Ticket system.

              Admin Panel > Ticket System > Email (Please scroll down to customize the statements)

Knowledge Base

   Articles - Please go here to create and customize your FAQ articles.

             Operator Panel > Knowledge > Add New Article

   Glossary - Please go here to customize the glossary of your support page.

             Operator Panel > Knowledge > Settings > Edit Glossary

   Look & feel - Please follow this article to design and style your customer facing knowledge base site


Callback System

To edit the callback request form, go to Admin panel -> Callback tab -> Customization -> Labels and fields.

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