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Chat System Customization

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How do I brand and customize the Chat System?


The LiveHelpNow Chat System is customizable to fit your branding and language preferences. 

During the free trial you can always start a test chat by clicking the [Start Test Chat] button at the top of the operator panel.

Implementation begins when you add Live Chat Code to your site or email it to your webmaster. You can also create your own custom chat buttons.

Customize Customer-Facing Chat System Areas:
Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization 

NOTE: If you have multiple chat window customizations, always select the correct window before applying changes.

  1. Chat Window Customization:
    Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization> Chat Window

    Modify the look and feel of your chat windows. Create up to 30 chat window customizations; each with its own Invitation Window, Pre-Chat Requirements, System Messages, Billboards, Post-Chat Survey, and Offline Window.

  2. Chat Invitation Window
    Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization> Invitation window
    Customize an automatic chat invitation to present to browsing visitors.

  3. Setup Pre-Chat Requirements:
    Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization> Pre-chat Requirements
    Decide which information (if any) is requested from visitors before a chat session may begin.

  4. Your Chat System Messages:
    Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization> System messages
    Customize the system messages that are displayed to customers during chat sessions. Please do not replace $$$_$$$ fields.

  5. Advertise with Billboards:
    Admin Panel > Chat System > Customization> Billboards
    Display custom promotional messages to your chatters during chat sessions.

  6. Get Customer Feedback with Post-Chat Surveys:
    Setup post chat surveys- 

  7. Select an Offline Window: 
    Offline button / window options- 


TIP #1: Enrich experiences by adding operator photos to your customer-facing chat windows.

TIP #2: Enable Chat Tagging to allow operators to tag chats and track live chat trends in LiveHelpNow Analytics

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