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Installation within a mobile app

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I would like to add LiveHelpNow chat to my iPhone/Android App


Before starting development on embedding live chat into your mobile app, please consider using LiveHelpNow SMS Chat feature allowing customers to text for support. Implementing SMS requires minimal development as customers will use text messeging service on their phone to communicate with you. Please see more here:
Enabling sms chat for your account to provide a better chat experience for mobile customers

If you would still like to offer live chat within the app, please follow the steps below:

  1. Add new "Classic Popup" chat window in Admin panel->Chat system->Customization->Chat window

  2. Provide custom CSS URL to hide unnecessary elements and make it mobile friendly as it will be used on a mobile phone only. You may use this CSS URL there:

  3. Save the new chat window.

  4. Retreive the newly created chat window URL for your account in Admin Panel->Chat system->Intallation->Classic popup->As a link.
    It will look something like this

    Where ACCOUNTID is the numeric portion of your LiveHelpNow account #, WINDOWID is chat window ID you would likethe link to open and DEPARTMENTID is Department # you would like a chatter be connected with initially.

    Custom1,2,3 query string parameters could be used to send any known mobile app user info, device info, etc. which will be presented to the agent upon accepting the chat.

  5. Simply use UIWebView, with the URL you secured in the 1st step, in iOS to add chat to your iPhone/iPad app as shown here:

  6. On Android please use WebView as shown here

  7. Add toolbar to the WebView showing two buttons, Minimize and Close.
    Minimize button shoudl simply hide the webview
    Close button should terminate chat, please execute session_ended() JS function within the WebView to terminate chat. Like so:

    [self.myWebView stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:@"session_ended();"];



That's it!


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