Two-Factor Authentication (MFA, 2FA)

How Can I Enable/Disable Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor authentication is a feature that combines password validation and phone(or email), thus adding another layer of security. After an agent enters the password, he/she will get a second code sent to his/her phone and/or email. Only after the agent enters the code will he/she get into the account.


To increase account security, you can enable Two-Factor Authentication for your account in Admin Panel -> Security -> Security & compliance settings. It makes it that much harder for unauthorized users to access your online accounts.


Important: After you enable Two-Factor authentication, agents will be asked to enter the Two-Factor authentication code to be able to login.
ImportantIf you are logging in via third party SSO / Sign in with Google, etc. options, LiveHelpNow configured Two-Factor Authentication will not be applicable.

Where to configure Two-Factor Authentication

To access Two-Factor Authentication settings,

  1. Log into your LiveHelpNow account. Proceed to Admin Panel -> Security -> Security & compliance settings. 
  2. Scroll to Security section and enable Two-Factor Authentication

  3. Specify whether only Admin agents, agents in specific department or all agents to be required to use two-factor authentication upon login

  4. Specify whether two-factor to be validated upon each login or once per IP address.


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