Call Deflect

How do I configure my phone IVR to deflect calls to live chat or SMS?

What is Call Deflect?

Call Deflection is a feature that transfers customers from a phone call to a live chat or SMS conversations. With the click of a phone key, customers can switch to a chat or SMS conversation. This can help your contact center reduce hold times, offering a better customer experience where your team can handle volume much more efficiently.

This feature can also be used to set-up a "missed call text back" feature. If a customer calls you but you're not able to answer, the caller gets an immediate text back saying that you'll be in contact soon (or whatever message you want to send). An SMS chat is then created in the LiveHelpNow agent workspace so you can reply to the caller as soon as you become available. 

Love it, how do I configure it?

Configuration of call deflect feature couldn't be easier. You'll need to make some updates in LiveHelpNow and your phone IVR / auto-attendant. See the instructions below and video at the bottom of this article.

  1. Head to Admin Workspace → Support Channels → SMS
  2. Locate a provisioned number that begins with a "+" sign and click "Configure" button.

    If you are unable to locate a phone number, you will need to configure a new one:
    1. Click "Add new number"
    2. Search for Local number and purchase the number you like. Currently there are no charges to add           new numbers.
  3. Configure Deflect workflow by selecting "Enabled" check box. This establishes a copy for a text message that the caller receives when he or she choses deflect  within your IVR and configures the medium for deflect (SMS chat or LiveHelpNow messenger window.)
    Your account incurs charges per SMS message. To avoid them, select "Send link to web chat messenger" option instead of "Send the message above and wait for reply".
  4. Finally, configure your IVR or auto-attendant by adding a new "Forward to Phone Number" option. That will simply forward the call to your LiveHelpNow number when selected. Here's an example of configuration in Zoom Phone, but similar option exists in all IVRs.
    More on LiveHelpNow<>Zoom Phone Integration.



Please see this video demo of the LiveHelpNow call deflect feature configuration.


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