Email Transcripts

How do I get every chat transcript sent to me by email?

You can have every chat transcript sent to you by entering your email address in Admin panel -> Chat -> Chat windows, select chat window and find the setting listed as 'Email transcripts' within "Post chat communication" section.

All chat transcripts including of chats that were not answered (Dropped) will be emailed to the email address specified on the chat window in the above step. Dropped chat transcript emails will contain "Dropped chat" in the subject allowing you to create custom forwarding rules to have supervisors notified when dropped chats occur. If you would like dropped chat transcripts emailed to another email address please enable "Email dropped chats to a separate email address" setting and provide email address for dropped chat transcripts.


If you would like chat transcripts emailed to a different email addresses based on unique business requirements, please create a chat window for each business workflow and specify email to be used to send chat transcripts to on chat window customization screen.

This way each chat window will use its own email address to send chat transcripts to.

Please consult this article for further help:

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