Offline window settings

What will visitors see when my live chat is offline?

When you are unavailable to accept live chat requests,  LiveHelpNow has you covered. Your visitors will be prompted to leave their questions & contact information for follow-up. 

Offline message will be sent via email to the department email the chat installation is being routed to and may be configured in Admin Panel->System setup ->Departments.

If you are using LiveHelpNow Support Ticket System please make sure that your department email address is using an email address forwarded to your email account found in Admin Panel->Support channels -> Email (you may also use your email in department settings). This way all offline messages will create tickets in your LiveHelpNow account.

You may also configure embedded widget to open Ticket form when all agents are offline. You can do that in Admin Panel > System Setup > Website code. Change offline window type to "Submit a ticket" and click save button. Changes are applied live on your website, no need to copy and paste the widget code again.


Being offline for your customers could be detrimental to your business. If you are unable to staff your chat to be available 24/7, please consider outsourcing live chat to a professional service, such as HelpSquad.



To adjust the offline window settings for legacy, popup style chat window:

  1. Click the “Switch to admin panel” button at the top of the operator panel
  2. Go to Legacy (popup) -> Chat Windows -> click on the window you wish to edit then scroll to the bottom to find "Offline Window Customization" section.

You may customize labels for name, email and message there.





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