Integration with Sage

How do I create a Person, Lead or Case in my Sage CRM for every chat?

Please follow the guide below to learn how to integrate LiveHelpNow with your Sage CRM instance to create person, leads or cases for every chat you receive in your LiveHelpNow account.

To integrate LiveHelpNow with Sage we will be using LiveHelpNow webhooks

  1. Locate your Sage Rest API URL by following this guide
    The URL should look something like this: 


  2. Configure LiveHelpNow Webhook for "Chat Closed" event.
    In the following example we configured case creation for every chat.

  3. Head to Admin Panel → Integrations & Partners → Webhooks and add new webhook for "Chat Closed" event.
    Use the following settings:
Event Type JSON
Event Verb POST
HTTP Basic Auth Your Sage Account Username and Password
Payload Please see examples in this guide. Here's an example of Case creation payload we used.

{ "case_description":"Chat with $$$Company$$$", "Case_ProblemNote": "Name: $$$Name$$$ \n Email: $$$Email$$$ \n Phone: $$$Phone_Number$$$ \n Company: $$$Company$$$ \n $$$ChatTranscript$$$", "Case_Status": "In Progress" }
URL See above in #1. 

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