How to do a "unattended / silent installation" so you can push the LiveHelpNow Alerter software to client computers remotely

I need to seamlessly install the LiveHelpNow Windows App on computers in our Network, is this possible?

The LiveHelpNow Alerter package file has an .msi extension (livehelpnow.msi my be downloaded from ), and you may manipulate it using the msiexec utility.

For installation, use the /i and /qb switches. Use the /l* switch to produce a log file. You can provide named options (or "properties") at the end of the command line; which properties are supported depends on the package. For example, this command:

msiexec /i c:\downloads\livehelpnow.msi how you install LiveHelpNow Alerter

Perhaps the most important common property is the REBOOT property, which you can use to suppress any automatic reboot the MSI package might try to perform. So in general, you want to provide the /i, /qb, and REBOOT=ReallySuppress parameters to msiexec.

msiexec can do many other things, like uninstall software or apply patches. Neat, huh? Too bad nobody uses it.

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