Content blocks explained

How do I have multiple articles share the same content for easy mass edit of specific language?

Content blocks feature

Content blocks provide a convenient way to insert commonly used content within your knowledge base articles. For example you may use content blocks to include a disclaimer or a promotional material within all or some of your articles.

Changing the content of the block, changes content on all articles where it is being used providing a streamlined way for mass update of your end user facing knowledge base content.

TIP: we highly recommend creating "header" and "footer" content blocks (even empty) 
and include them in all of your articles as you publish them to have 
the opportunity to include specific promotional or informational message 
to all articles in the future by simply adding required content to the blocks later.

How to use content blocks

Head over to Admin Workspace → Knowledge Base → Content blocks

Create content blocks having any language, graphical or video material, or create them empty as described in the tip above.



Once content blocks are created they are ready for use within article editor.

You may access content blocks while creating or editing articles in the article editor toolbar.


Content block placeholders will show within the article editor and will be replaced with their respective content when the article is viewed within your Support Portal 



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