SMS Chat with landline phone. Under the hood

How exactly does LiveHelpNow text-enable a landline phone number?

Let’s start with a key clarification: It is not the 'landline' that receives a text message; it is the ‘number.’ In both the voice and text messaging networks, the number acts as an address to which traffic is routed.  Because we are accustomed to both voice and text routing to the same mobile device, most people think they are linked together, but in fact the voice and text networks are completely separate and managed independently.

LiveHelpNow works as an addition to a voice-only phone number. This capability has actually existed for a number of years but is just now coming to the forefront of business to consumer, (B2C) communication. LiveHelpNow has spent years working with wireless network providers (i.e. AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc.) to bring Enterprise to Person text messaging that does not rely on the consumer gateways that are used for Person to Person text messaging.

Our agreements allow us to text-enable most landlines assigning the text routing to our SPID (Service Provider Identifier).  We validate that the owner of the number has given us permission to act as their text message provider. After number verification, we then start the process of provisioning a number.

The provisioning process to activate the number happens in the LiveHelpNow network. Here, we submit a routing request on behalf of the end user, route the number into our network, and create the associated account. Provisioning does not in any way affect the voice communication, IVR, plan, carrier or any aspect of the voice service. In all cases, all sent and received text messages are stored and available through our application, desktop apps, and mobile apps.

So, LiveHelpNow is a text messaging provider that routes text messaging traffic originating from and sent to existing landline and toll free phone numbers without any impact on your existing voice services or equipment.

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