LiveHelpNow Analytics Report List

What reports are available in the LiveHelpNow Analytics system?

Executive Reports

Main Overview

Visits & Page views, New vs. Returning Visitors, Chat Sessions, Visits by Source.

Marketing Overview

Top 5 Referrers, Top 5 Keywords, Top 3 Campaign Sources (direct hit, via referral, via search)

Content Overview

Top 5 Entrances, Top 5 Exits, Top 5 Content


Marketing Reports


Top Referrers

Referrer URLs

Top Referrer URLs

Search Engines

Top Referring Search Engines

Search Terms

Top Search Engine Keywords

Landing Pages

Top Web Visitor Entry Points


Chat System

Operator Time Clock

Contact List (collected via pre-chat window)

Daily Live Chat Statistics

Chat Sessions, Total Chat Time, Offline Chat Requests, Offline Chat Requests by Hour

Daily Live Chat Breakdown

Live Chat Statistics per Agent & Department

Chat Transcripts

Chat Transcripts (Bulk Print)

Dropped Chat Sessions

Chat Transcripts export

Chat Transcripts are exported as .xml (Excel) files

Chat Tag Statistics

Categorize chats based on their content. Your operators can tag each chat appropriately. Drill down and view past chats by tag category.

Chat Launch URLs

Top Pages where live chats are requested

Chat Survey Statistics

Chat Survey Statistics by Operator

Website Visitors

Daily Visitors

Visitors Daily, Percent New Visitors Daily

Visits vs. Page views

Daily Visitors & Pageviews, Average Views per Visit

New vs. Returning Visitors

Visitors by Country

Visitor Languages

Hourly Visitors

Hourly Visitors, Page Views & Chat Sessions

Top Content

Top Web Site Content per Visits & Pageviews

Top Exit Points

Browser Versions

Platform Versions

Browser/Platform Combo

Screen Resolutions

Screen Colors

32bit, 24bit, 16bit, etc.

Java Enabled

Yes or No?

Raw Visitor Data

Raw data for all website visitors

Ticket System

Ticket System detailed statistics

Detailed Daily Stats per Operator & Department

Ticket System performance

New Tickets, Resolved Tickets, Average time to Assignment, Average time to Resolution, etc.

View Performance by Operator & Department

Contact List (collected via ticket submission)

Tickets by Category

Tickets by Priority

Tickets export

Ticket Transcripts are exported as .xml (Excel) files

Tickets by Assignment

Tickets by tag

Drill down and view past tickets by tag category.

Ticket Survey Statistics

Ticket Survey Statistics by Operator

Knowledge Base System

Search terms

Top knowledge base search queries

Highly Rated content

Poorly Rated content

Most viewed content

Least viewed content

Call Log System

Contact List (collected via callback requests)

Calls by tag

Drill down and view past calls by tag category.

Export call log




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