Email-Ticket Management system description

What is Email-Ticket Management and why do I need it?

What currently happens if a customer issue or question is reported but you can't address it immediately?
How do customer issues or questions even get communicated, probably email or contact form?
What quality assurance do you have in place to make sure that a customer question or issue has actually been addressed properly?
Where is all your customer-to-support communications currently stored, in your exchange server or in Gmail?

Here are some scenarios where your current situation would fail badly:

  • One person starts working on the customer's issue, but then falls ill
  • You find that the fix for the issue doesn't actually solve the problem
  • You find that the fix for the issue conflicts with other things
  • You want to report on what's happened in the customer-to-support communication in the last 3 months (e.g. for performance reviews)

LiveHelpNow's Ticketing System also known as "Email-Ticket Management" solves all these issues. It provides an easily managed queue of all customer enquiries, organizes them by status, owner, originator, provides a remarkable facility to search past enquiries and run performance and backlog reports.

It removes the "mess" from your email, email communications basically become obsolete as all emails converted to tickets and logged into the operator panel for your operators to respond. No more confusion, you know who the issue is assigned to, how long it took to respond to customer, what the response was. 

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