Send chat and ticket leads to Zoho CRM

How do I integrate chat or support ticket systems with Zoho CRM?

LiveHelpNow uses Zoho CRM email parser to create contacts or leads along with chat and support ticket transcripts in Zoho CRM.  For more information on Zoho CRM email parser please see this article:

Steps to integrate LiveHelpNow chat and ticket with Zoho CRM

Contact your LiveHelpNow account manager or and request your chat transcript emails to be sent in TEXT format instead of HTML.

Login to your Zoho CRM and go to Setup -> Channels -> Email -> Email parser

Select “Create  parser” and select the Zoho CRM object you want to create/add transcripts to.



You will be given a Zoho CRM parser intake email:


Copy the email and enter it in LiveHelpNow Admin Workspace -> Chat -> Chat windows -> Post chat communication section.



Complete a test chat on your website and refresh Zoho CRM parser to retrieve the fields parsed from the chat transcript email sent by LiveHelpNow and map them.


That is it. Enjoy!

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