Importing Canned and Knowledge base content from other systems

I am moving from another customer service system and would like to import my canned and knowledge base content into my LiveHelpNow account, is this possible?

We would be very happy to import Knowledge base and Canned messages content into your LiveHelpnow account if the account has Paid subscription.

Please provide an Excel spreadsheet or UTF-8 csv document in the following table format:

Folder Folder Name Folder Name Canned Response Title Canned Response Content
X My Main Folder      
X   My Sub Folder    

Hello and thanks for contacting us today.


Thank you for contacting us today.

X   My Other Responses    
      Other Welcome

Welcome to our business, how can I help you?

      Other Goodbye

It was a pleasure assisting you today, good bye.


You can download a copy of our xls template as a starting point.

LiveHelpNow Canned Response Import Template.xlsx


You can customize the table by adding or remove any number of "Folder Name" columns to accommidate the nested structure of your responses. The file should also contain the header row.


You may then email the completed spreadshet(s) to, please reference your LiveHelpnow account#.

Import might take up to 24 business hours.

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