Department Isolation

How do I make it so my operators only see activity in their departments?

In order to accomplish this you will need to setup department routing for your account.

  1. Setup departments, one for each website, agent skill, any other business entity you would like to seggregate in admin panel->system setup->departments, and assign each operator to the correct department.
  2. Create Embedded Chat window for each department in Admin panel->Chat -> Chat windows
  3. Head to Admin Panel->System setup->Website code, create an embedded widget for each department. Select applicable department within Embedded Widget settings, configure colors and click "Save" button.
  4. Copy the code generated to be used on specific pages of your website or specific to the department website.
  5. Finally make sure that operators access is set to "My department" in Admin Panel->System setup->Operators. This way they will only be able to see activity on the department assigned to them.


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