Send Chat Leads to Lead Docket

How to create leads from chats in Lead Docket?

Lead Docket offers a user-friendly solution for streamlining the process of lead acquisition in the legal field. With its intuitive interface, Lead Docket enables automation of lead intake, revolutionizing how law firms manage new client inquiries.

To integrate LiveHelpNow chat with Lead Docket and have chat leads sent into Lead Docket flow automatically please follow these easy steps:

Retrieve your Lead Docket API Key. In Lead Docket’s lefthand menu, select Manage. Then, select Settings. The API Key is located at the bottom of the Account Settings section. More info here:

Create a new LiveHelpNow “Chat closed” webhook in Admin Workspace -> Integrations & Partners -> Webhook

Event: Chat Closed
Event Type: Page 
Event Verb: Post
Payload: &first=$$$FirstName$$$&last=$$$LastName$$$&phone=$$$Phone_Number$$$&email=$$$Email$$$&summary=$$$ChatTranscriptURL$$$
URL: https://{your-hostname}{YOUR_API_KEY}
Use API Key gathered in step 1

Please make sure your chat window pre-chat settings are configured to collect Name, Phone and Email address.

That’s it. Enjoy.


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