Routing chat to individual operators

Is it possible to route chats automatically to specific agents?

There are two ways to route chats to individual operators:

  1. Create a separate department for each operator, so there is only one agent in each. Then create widget and copy installation code in Admin Panel→System setup→Website code for each department to be used on your website, or as a link in an email or social medial campaigns(in Admin Panel > Popup windows (legacy) > installation.
  2. Edit installation code to specify operator ID found in Admin Panel→System setup →Operators to route the chat to.

    For embedded widget:

    lhnJsSdk.options = {
       operator_id: ID_OF_THE_OPERATOR,

    For classic popup(legacy(:

    <script type="text/javascript">
        var lhnAccountN = "...";
        var lhnButtonN = ...;
        var lhnOperatorN= ID_OF_THE_OPERATOR;

    For email or social media link(legacy):



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