How to install the live chat system on your website

How do I install the live chat system on my website?

 If your website uses Google Tag Manager, we recommend installing LiveHelpNow widget code in your GTM instead.

 If your website does not use GTM please follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your LiveHelpNow account
  2. Select (Switch to admin panel) at the top of the Operator Panel.
  3. Go to System setup > Website code
  4. Click to expand the widget and there will be options to customize the look and feel and at the very bottom will be the save/get code button once clicked you will copy that code and add it to the site. Next to the save/get code button is a preview option to see what the widget will look like on a website.
  5. Copy the widget code and paste anywhere within your website code (we prefer somewhere close to the </body> tag)

 Click here for a list of plugins you may find helpful. 

Following Live chat best practices helps you make sure you are taking full advantage of the LiveHelpNow Chat System.

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