KB Updates for April 26th, 2022

What is changing or new in the KB on April 26, 2022?

Knowledge Base Management Relocation

The location to manage your knowledge base articles, categories and tags will be moving from the agent workspace to the admin workspace. Now, you will access the knowledge base article management at Admin Panel → Knowledge Base → Articles. From there, you will notice a small refresh of the overall tools and design but all of the functionality (and some new) will remain. Previously, knowledge base category management needed to be done within the article editor. Based on customer feedback we have moved this out into its own section now found at Admin Panel → Knowledge Base → Categories.


New Features for Article Management

Along with the move to the admin workspace, we are introducing some new functionality as well. First up is setting the article order priority. This will allow you to now prioritize articles to show during searches and article listings within your knowledge base. Another addition to article management is the ability to set an article publish date. This will now allow you to complete an article and have the publish of it timed with an upcoming release, update or marketing push without having to manually flip the switch. Another great addition and one that was highly requested is various article statuses and approvals. You can now force all knowledge base articles to be approved by specified agents prior to being published and you have the ability to save an article as a draft. You can find the settings for article reviewing at Admin Panel → Knowledge Base → General settings. Here can change the Approval workflow and Knowledge base managers to your liking.


Content blocks and Content links

Another new introduction is content blocks and content links. If you have a section of content or a common link that needs to be used across multiple articles, the content blocks and links feature is for you. You can now easily edit these pieces of information in one location and have them update on all articles. This works great for disclaimers, contact information, product information, warranties, links to support, and much more.

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