Recording Facebook Pixel Conversions using LiveHelpNow Chat Bot

How do I push conversion event to Facebook pixel from LiveHelpNow?

About Meta Facebook conversion tracking

Using LiveHelpNow chat bot, tracking and recording conversions for Facebook pixel is a simple task The process involves two main steps creating the Facebook pixel in your account, and then incorporating the LiveHelpNow chatbot into your website. Once the LiveHelpNow chatbot is implemented, whenever a customer interacts with it, the exchange of information is logged to the Facebook pixel, thus creating a conversion event. This kind of data tracking helps to understand customer behavior and further optimize marketing campaigns. By having the chatbot and pixel working together, businesses can gain detailed insights into customer preferences and better respond to their needs. This leads to more tailored customer experiences and increased customer loyalty, which all contributes to the overall success of a business.


First create Facebook pixel and install it on your website if have not done so already. Consult your marketing team.

Study Facebook conversions documentation to :

In LiveHelpNow chat bot settings, for the appropriate step, add "Execute Custom JavaScript" action like so:


Provide JavaScript code to track the appropriate conversion.

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