Chatting with multiple customers at the same time

How do I manage the chat windows when I am chatting with more than one customer?

LiveHelpNow is very proud to introduce "color driven chat", designed for stess-free simultaneous chatting.

Here's how easy it is to chat with multiple customers at the same time in the LiveHelpNow live chat software operator panel:

Each chatting visitor is marked with a colored icon according to his/her status:

  • RED - Brand new chat, Chat session started by the customer. This is "hot" as customer's chat has not yet been accepted.
  • YELLOW - Chat session in progress, Customer is waiting for operator's response.
  • GREEN - Chat session in progress, Operator waiting for response.

By simply following colored icons on the customers' records in the main grid in operator panel you can easily chat with multiple customers at the same time. Red comes first, yellow comes second and green comes third!

The live chat quick start guide is an excellent reference for new operators!


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