LiveHelpNow Windows App MSI installer fails with error 2503 and 2502

When installing LiveHelpNow on Windows PC i get error 2503 followed by 2502

Whenever you try to install or update LiveHelpNow Windows App which uses an .msi installer, the installation gets up to the final step and the progress bar almost reaches the end, but the install suddenly fails with an error 2503, followed by an error 2502. 

The error is caused by insuficient permissions the user's account is allocated on the PC. It may also be caused by Domain restrictions, corrupted file permission structure, anti-virus software and other things.

Here are the steps which should help installing LiveHelpNow Windows App and avoid 2503 and 2502 errors:

  1. Click start and search for "cmd"
  2. You should see "cmd.exe" shown in the search results
  3. Right click on cmd.exe and select "Run as Administrator"
  4. Command prompt window will open
  5. Type the following command:
    start c:\users\USER\downloads\livehelpnow.msi

    Replace USER with the username you are using. This also assumes that you downloaded livehelpnow.msi from and saved it to your downloads folder.

  6. This should do it!


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