How to determine if your network has issues connecting to LiveHelpNow

How can I find out if my network is having trouble connecting to LiveHelpNow?

LiveHelpNow is hosted on the cloud with facilities in different geographic areas of the US and Europe.

If you experience slow loading of the operator panel, notice delays when sending & receiving messages, or get delayed alerts from the LiveHelpNow Alerter please check your network for connectivity issues by doing the following:

  1. Go to to have your connection graded. Anything below B grade indicates issues with your network. Contact your internet service provider to troubleshoot.

  2. Go to to check your internet speed. Download or Upload speeds below 0.8mbps indicate that your internet speed is too slow for LiveHelpNow to work optimally. Contact your internet service provider for more information.

If the above tests come back normal and you still experience issues then please ask your network administrator to try the following steps: 

  1. Open up Command Prompt. Vista and 7 users, click on start and search "Command Prompt", XP users click on Run and type in "cmd.exe" and click Run.

    Type the following then hit Enter: ping –t

    This will start pinging website, have it ping it for about 20 times and then terminate by pressing “control+c”
    If there is any packet loss, then again this will indicate issues with your internet connectivity.

  2. Test for network problems by running a traceroute from your computer to our servers. A traceroute will show all of the network hops between you and the server, and how long your connection took to go through each one. It will also show network timeouts (with ***). Run the following command from your computer's command prompt:

    • Mac
    • Windows

  3. Try using a proxy server to load the LiveHelpNow Operator Panel in your browser by logging in at A proxy server loads LiveHelpNow from a third-party location and should hopefully bypass local network problems. Example proxy servers:

  4. Last but not least, you can contact LiveHelpNow chat support and ask one of our technicians to try logging into your Operator Panel. If it loads quickly for us and slowly for you then it is likely that you have a network problem.

What to do if you've identified a network problem: If you haven't already, run a traceroute. If the timeout occurs right away, check your local network and router. If it occurs at your local Internet Service Provider or later down the line, you should contact your Internet Service Provider.

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