How to Setup Support Ticket Automations

How do I setup Support Ticket Automations? I want to manage support emails with my own business rules and SLAs.

Ticket automations allow you to setup automated rules to manage the support emails, web form submissions, and Twitter tweets you receive via LiveHelpNow Email-Ticket Management.

Ticket triggers provide too many benefits to catalog; ranging from smart ticket routing to SLA management to custom notifications and so much more. This video explains typical use cases:

As explained in the video, you can-

  • Assign tickets to properly skilled operators automatically based on email subject, email body, email source, ticket category and many other possible conditions.
  • Trigger changes to ticket status, priority, category, and other ticket attributes automatically.
  • Schedule your ticket triggers for specific time periods and days of the week.

Please Note- Each Ticket Trigger will activate once per applicable ticket. 

How to setup a Ticket Automation:

  1. In Admin Panel > Ticket >  Automations, click + Add automation at the top-right. 

  2. Enter a Name and Description for your trigger.

  3. (Optional) Enable a schedule for your trigger. You can set the days it will fire and select start and end times.

  4. Meet all of the following conditions:
    Select a condition from the available Ticket attributes, Submission info, and Committed actions that will prompt your trigger and specify a value for the condition. To set another condition for the trigger, click + Add condition.

    ALL of the conditions added must be met in order to fire your trigger.

  5. Meet any of the following conditions:
    Same as #4 with one important difference- any one of the conditions you add here will prompt your ticket trigger.

  6. To perform these actions
    Select the action that will result when your trigger conditions have been met. To set another action for the trigger click + Add action

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