MS Teams Integration

How do I setup notifications for my MS Teams account for important events like new chats, support tickets, and shift deviations?

LiveHelpNow can be integrated with MS Teams for event notifications. For instance, if a chat is started in LiveHelpNow, a Team in MS Team will receive a notification so agents can quickly accept the chat in the LiveHelpNow agent workspace. 

To integrate notifications for chat, ticket, call and workforce management with MS Teams, please first enable incoming webhooks integration in your MS Teams account for a channel where you would like to be notified.


(1) Create a new team channel, if you haven't already created one.


(2) Under Channels, create a channel and click on Connectors


(3) Add an "Incoming Webhook" Connector


(4) Select "Add" button.



(5) Provide the name of the incoming webhook and select "Create."



(6) Copy webhook URL to be used within your LiveHelpNow account (chat and ticket automation notifications, workforce deviation notifications, etc.).




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