How to set up department routing via pre-chat requirements

How can I set up department routing through pre-chat requirements?

To set up deparment routing via the live chat window's pre-chat requirements, please follow these simple steps: 

1.  Go to Admin Panel > Sstem setup -> Departments.

      - Configure departments for your account.

2.  Go to Admin Panel > System setup > Operators.

      - Add/Edit operators and assign them to departments. (If you need an operator assigned to multiple departments, hold Ctrl and click the appropriate departments.)
      - Please make sure that view access is restricted to only "Only my department" or "Assign to me + unassigned in my department" views so operators are not able to respond to chats not assigned to their departments

3. Go to Admin Panel > Chat >Chat windows > Select chat window > select Pre-Chat Settings.

      - Add "Department list" to be shown on Pre-chat window.


If you would like to automatically assign visitors to departments please follow this article:


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