Why LiveHelpNow Help Desk Software is Different

What makes LiveHelpNow different than other Help Desk Software companies?

LiveHelpNow is an omnichannel suite of tightly integrated online customer service tools for businesses both large and small that transforms online sales and customer service to be absolutely exceptional.

LiveHelpNow features a Live Chat System, Email-Ticketing Management, Call Management and a Knowledge Base 

Here are just some of the features that differentiate LiveHelpNow from other help desk platforms:


  1. Accept chat over SMS (customers can text for support!). Use your own toll-free or local number to allow customers to text for support.
  2. Secure forms (transmit highly confidential information such as credit cards, PHI info, order info) right within chat or email!
  3. Omnichannel. Integrated Chat, SMS, Ticket, Phone, Facebook and Knowledge management (provide customers with all channels of support from one system)!
  4. Live Help Bot - Intelligent chat bots out of the box!
  5. Dedicated US-based 24/7 support Real-time agent monitoring, coaching, permissions and restrictions
  6. Financial grade security. Trusted by over 8,000 organizations requiring reliability and security of mature contact center software.
  7. Instant language translation. Your agents can speak Greek now.
  8. Social media integration
  9. Support unlimited brands. Deisgned for multibrand call centers.
  10. Customer surveys and targeted engagement
  11. Integrates with any CRM
  12. Customer satisfaction scorecard. Monthly scores comparing your account to others, and your agents within your team.
  13. Exportable dynamic enterprise level reports.
  14. Skill based routing and queuing
  15. File transfer
  16. Automated, intelligent tagging of each customer service inquiry.
  17. Chat sentiment analysis

Please attend live demo of LiveHelpNow.


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LiveHelpNow is the most comprehensive customer service solution on the market today with 6 years in a row being awarded #1 spot by TopTenREVIEWS and recently included in Inc 500 list of the fastest growing companies.

Superb multi branding abilities allowing a call center of any size use LiveHelpNow to support multiple brands with ease.

Our flagship product is Live Chat featuring advanced queuing and routing, visitor/chat triggers and automations, automatic real-time translation and spellcheck services and a lot more.

Live Chat is complimented by Ticketing and Knowledge base systems which are tightly integrated so agents can see previous chat and email history for the chatting/emailing customer as well as provide quick responses via knowledge base lookup as well as enabling self-service for customers to be able to help themselves.

Call back management system provides an ability for customers to schedule phone calls with customer service agent.

Analytics system is built for enterprise, featuring more than 60 comprehensive reports ranging from Website statistics to Agent productivity.

LiveHelpNow Software is being used by more 8k+ companies (as of 2014) like Barracuda, AAA Mid Atlantic, Dell, US Navy, Discovery, American Bankers Association, Icon Fitness, NBC sports, HP, Micron, US Coast Guard to name a few. SalesForce, PipeDrive, ConstantContact, and many more integrations are available out of the box. There is 30 day free trial and live webinar available and our crew are always happy to answer any additional questions you might have at 877-548-3001, via live chat or a ticket 24/7/365.

Here are just some of the features that differentiate LiveHelpNow from other help desk platforms:

  • Dedicated US-based 24/7 support
  • Real-time agent monitoring
  • Financial grade security
  • Instant language translation
  • Social media integration
  • Support for unlimited brands
  • Integrated customer surveys
  • Integrates with any CRM
  • Targeted customer engagement
  • Customer satisfaction scorecard
  • Exportable dynamic enterprise level reports
  • Skill based routing and queuing
  • Agent permissions and restrictions
  • Whisper technology
  • File transfer
  • Automated tagging
  • Integrated Chat, SMS, Ticket, Call and Knowledge management

We suggest attending live demo webinar. You will get an in depth demonstration of the features that we offer, how everything looks and works while we answer any questions you might have. http://www.livehelpnow.net/webinar

You may also start 30 day free trial here: http://www.livehelpnow.net/lnd/trial​

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