How to add articles to the Knowledge Base

How do I create a new Knowledge Base article?

It’s easy to add a new article to your Knowledge Base by using the built-in question & answer template. You can format article text in a variety of ways and even embed pictures and videos into your articles.

Please note: Only administrators & operators with permission can create Knowledge Base articles.

You can add a new article in the Operator Panel anytime inspiration strikes by scrolling over the [ + New] link and selecting [ ? Article].

  • Every article needs a Title, Question, Answer and Category to be saved successfully.
  • Articles can either be private (for operators only)or public (published).

Here are the steps:

  1. Title
    The title appears at the top of the article.
  2. Question
    This shows up first in search results. It’s best to use natural language for the question.
  3. Answer
    The answer will be the body of the article. You can format the text, create links and embed media using the toolbar.
  4. Public
    Public articles may be viewed by both operators and customers. Private articles may only be viewed by operators.
  5. Category
    Add a new category or select an existing category.
    You can click and drag to organize the category display order.
    • Tags (Optional)
      Search keywords or ‘tags’ can be used to help users find the article more easily.
  6. Select [Save] to add the article to your Knowledge Base.


You can also easily edit knowledge base articles, and the changes you make will be instantly applied.

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