Managing Operator View Access

I've setup department routing, how do I allow my operators to see only the visitors or chats I'd like them to see?

View Access is a setting controlled by LiveHelpNow admins that limits which Visitors and Chats each operator is able to see within their Operator Panel.

Please Note: We do not recommend changing View Access settings unless you have setup department routing.


What View Access actually does is limit the options that may be selected in the Visitor Filter of the Visitors/Chats grid in the Operator Panel. 


How to setup View Access for an operator:

  1. Select an operator profile in Admin Panel > System setup > Operators.
  2. Choose the views the operator will be allowed to access (Leave them all selected if you want the operator to be able to toggle between each view)
  3. Click [Update Operator] to save the changes.


There are many possible LiveHelpNow live chat software configurations that would effect how View Access should be setup. The most common are limiting operators to the activity in their departments and enabling live chat queuing (for accounts with large chat volumes).

If you have setup department routing and would like help setting up operator View Access, please contact LiveHelpNow support and one of our team members will provide assistance.

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