LiveHelpNow Cookie Policy

Does LiveHelpNow leave cookies on visitors' computers?

LiveHelpNow, LLC recognizes that the growth of online services, including Internet services, has created many privacy concerns, particularly for consumers.

LiveHelpNow does not store any permanent cookies on visitors' computers.

A temporary session cookie is used that identifies the visitor, however no personally identifiable information is stored within the cookie.

If your requirement is to clear all cookies upon chat session completion please add the following JavaScript code to your website along side the LiveHelpNow Embedded Widget code:

function lhnJsSdkChatEnded(chat_session_id){
  // This function will be called when chat has been ended
  document.cookie = 'lhnContact =; Max-Age=-99999999;';


For more information about cookies and user privacy, please refer to the LiveHelpNow privacy policy.

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