Building SMS Chat bot

How can I create and administer SMS Chat bot for my LiveHelpNow account?

What is an SMS Chat bot?

An SMS chat bot is an automated conversation via text messaging. It facilitates a conversation between a person and a Live Help Bot decision flow.

Why use SMS and why Chat bot?

  1. Almost everyone is using SMS to communicate.

  2. SMS open rate is 98%.

  3. Undisputed winner in convenience for both customers and agents. Customer: can always just text for help. Agent: Can take time in responding, unlike a traditional web chat, SMS can wait!

  4. Chances are your competition is not using it. Yet.

  5. So why Bot? Because answering some questions can be automated. We found that at least 40% of questions can be answered automatically. Heck, try texting this number to get your mortgage payment calculated by our SMS Bot: +19169999101

 How do I create SMS Chat Bot in my LiveHelpNow account?

  1. Please create a chat bot by following steps described in How can I create and make changes to my chat bot?
  2. Provision existing or add a new phone number to your account to be used by your customers to text for help in Admin panel -> Support Channels -> SMS

  3. Finally configure the SMS phone number to use the chat bot created in step #1

  4. Done and Done!


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