ChatGPT tools in LiveHelpNow

What are the ChatGPT tools in LiveHelpNow?

Introduction to AI Tools in LiveHelpNow

In early May, LiveHelpNow is releasing ChatGPT-powered tools for system admins. In the coming weeks, more AI tools are coming to the agent workspace and chatbot. The tools are in a limited beta. LiveHelpNow will monitor their usage and future inclusion in our pricing packages. 

This article is a running list of all tools that have been released in beta. The creator of ChatGPT, OpenAI, reminds users that, "GPT-4 still has many known limitations that we are working to address." LiveHelpNow will be monitoring these tools and making improvements. Please send feedback to


ChatGPT Tools for LiveHelpNow Admins

The following tools are available within the LiveHelpNow Admin Workspace and Reporting.


Knowledge Base Article Creation and Content Enhancement

Create content for your Knowledge Base in a flash. ChatGPT allows writers to re-write, expand, and summarize content. It is an excellent tool for search engine optimization (SEO). The writing will be clear and easy-to-read plus content creators can choose the most appropriate writing style.

Simply write some bullets or thought starters and click the AI button. Or take a full paragraph and have GPT expand it further. The AI button in the top toolbar will cover the entire article while there's button attached to the content block you're working in that will only impact that content.

chatgpt knowledge article creation 1


Use Summaries for Faster Escalations

With ChatGPT, agents can summarize long conversations before transferring the chat or ticket to another agent or supervisor. AI-generated summaries allow new agents to get a quick understanding of the problem and help the customer immediately.

Agents in the new workspace just click on chat tools > transfer chat > choose the department and agent to transfer the chat > click the AI button to create a summary.

chatgpt chat transfer 1


Canned Response Creation

 Make sure your agents have appropriate canned responses for every customer service scenario. ChatGPT will take your new or existing canned responses and make them friendlier. Just click on System Setup > Canned responses > choose an existing canned response or create a new one > click on the AI button.  

canned response gpt


Create Better Promotional Billboards

The Chat Billboard feature is a great way to tell your customers about sales and other news about your company. Just go to Admin > Chat Windows > Select the Chat Window > Billboards > write a basic billboard concept > click the AI button and ChatGPT will make it more promotional. 

billboard gpt


Chat Transcript Summaries

 All transcripts will now include a perfect summary provided by ChatGPT. Get the essence of a long chat conversation in just seconds. When you email a chat transcript to someone, it will also include a summary before the full transcript.

chat transcript gpt


But wait, there's more!

You'll also find ChatGPT integrated into creating SEO tags for your support portal page, chat and ticket automations, and more! We hope you find them useful. Please send us feedback for other areas where you think ChatGPT will be effective. 

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