Managing Ticket-Email Notifications

How do I manage ticket notifications? Who gets notified, when, and why?

The LiveHelpNow ticketing system is designed to help you manage customer inquiries by notifying specific people when a new ticket is submitted or if there's an update to an existing ticket. You can manage all of your support emails with Email-Ticket Management by setting up email-to-ticket integration.

The steps below explain the standard flow of ticket notifications and the customizations you can make at each stage to tailor the ticketing system to your business needs. All ticket-email notification settings are found in Admin panel > Ticket > Notification settings.

  1. The customer gets a confirmation email when their ticket is created.
    • Customize the Ticket Created confirmation email with your own branding & messaging.
    • (Not Recommended) Disable send visitor new ticket notifications.

  2. All operators are notified via email when a ticket is created.
    • Email all operators when a new ticket is submitted: Select 'No' to specify operators (or departments) to notify when a ticket is created.
    • If you do not select any operators, be sure to login to LiveHelpNow daily to respond to your tickets!

  3. The first operator that responds to a created ticket email or accepts the ticket in the Operator Panel is assigned the ticket.
    Once a ticket is assigned to an operator they are sent a 'ticket assigned' email & only that operator will receive notifications when the customer adds additional comments.
    • You can allow operators to Accept tickets themselves or manually assign new tickets to operators in Operator Panel > Tickets.
    • If your team logs into LiveHelpNow daily to respond to tickets then it is OK to disable Send Operator Ticket Assignment Notifications, but this is not typically recommended.

  4. The customer gets emailed when an operator adds a comment to or resolves their inquiry.
    When a customer responds by email, their reply is added to the ticket's comments and the ticket assignee is notified. Customers can re-open closed tickets by responding to ticket resolved notification emails.


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