Ticket SLA and Reminders

How do i setup reminders for my agents to resolve / provide update to tickets assigned to them per my SLA?

To setup reminders for open tickets for agents to provide update / resolve assigned to them tickets per your organization SLA please use reoccurring triggers.

Please follow these easy steps:

  1. Login to your LiveHelpNow account and switch to Admin Panel
  2. Proceed to Ticket ->Automations
  3. Click "Add automation"
  4. Provide name and description
  5. Enable "reoccurring" flag and select frequency: Hourly, Daily, etc.
  6. Provide conditions for trigger to execute for, such s time since open, time since last update 
  7. Select action for the trigger to do if conditions are met such as "Email assignee","Add tag" , "Change category", "Change priority", etc.
  8. Save your reoccurring automation

Your reoccurring automation should look something like that:

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