Banning IP Addresses

Is it possible to block IPs from being able to start chat session or submit tickets?

Yes, You can select which IP addresses to blacklist(block)

These blocked IP addresses will not be able to start a chat session, submit a ticket inquiry or have any other communication with your support staff over the LiveHelpNow platform. They will still have full access to your website.

If you find it necessary to ban a visitor, this can be done in the Operator panel.

  • Select a browsing visitor in the operator panel.
  • On the right, in the General tab, scroll down to the IP address field.
  • Click the [ban] button, enter a reason why the ban is being applied, and click the 'ban' link to block the visitor.

If for any reason you banned a visitor by mistake an Administrator can release the ban in Admin Panel > Security > Banned IPs.

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