Setting Up Multiple Knowledge Bases

How can I setup multiple knowledge bases?

How to define multiple domains

Defining your CNames within LiveHelpnow is very simple. Simply log into the LiveHelpNow Admin Panel and select Support Channels → Support Portal within the left menu. Next click the "Add new" button in the top right and enter the new domain in the text box and save.



Restricting content

We allow you to restrict the content that is included within each knowledge base setup based on article categories. From the Admin Panel, select Support Portal → General Settings and then choose the cname you would like to update. Within the "Portal functionality and security" section, you will see and option for "Category restrictions." Here you can mark all the categories you would like to include. 



Unique Customization

Much like the content restriction above, each knowledge base you setup will have its own settings, glossary and look & feel to be uniquely customized. All of this can be customized within the Admin Panel under the Support Portal section in the left menu.

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