Refreshing HubSpot account authorization

How to re-authorize HubSpot account with LiveHelpNow?

If you need to re-authorize your HubSpot account with LiveHelpNow, follow these easy steps

Step 1: Go to Admin Workspace -> Integration & Partners -> HubSpot

Access your Admin Workspace and navigate to Integration & Partners, then select HubSpot


Step 2: Clear Authorization

Once in the HubSpot section, click on the "Clear Authorization" button to remove the current authorization.


Step 3: Authorize with LiveHelpNow

After clearing the authorization, click on the "Authorize with Live" button to re-authorize your HubSpot account with LiveHelpNow.


Remember, you do not need to change any mapping or HubSpot integration settings that were previously set up, as they will remain the same. Only the authorization will be refreshed.


By following these steps, you can easily re-authorize your HubSpot account with LiveHelpNow and continue using the integration seamlessly.

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