Custom information feed

Is there a way to pass information that our website already knows about a visitor to LiveHelpNow operator panel for our agents to see?

To provide known customer infromation to your operators behind the scenes please use "Custom information Feed"

Custom Information Feed
Custom Information Feed is another valuable feature of LiveHelpNow Live Chat Software. It allows for a custom information to be passed from your website pages to your customer service agents servicing your LiveHelpNow Live Chat account.
For example you can setup Custom Information Feed to provide customer's shopping cart detailed information to your agents: total amount, items in cart, discounts applied, etc.  By having access to this valuable information your agents will be able to offer to the customer other related to the order products, increase profits and lower shopping cart abandonment.
Or you might want to pass user personal information which was authenticated by your website such as username, name, address, etc.
There are many more uses you can find for the Custom Information Feed feature of LiveHelpNow Help Desk Software:
passing visitor specific information - customer id, name, domain the visitor is on, any specific information that your website application knows about the visitor - Age, Gender, Frequest Buyer/Visitor flags, Ethnicity, etc.
We recommend to either ask LiveHelpNow account manager or your webmaster to help with custom feed installation for your LiveHelpNow account.

For embedded widget:

window.lhnJsSdkInit = function () {
lhnJsSdk.controls = [{ ....
}]; lhnJsSdk.options = { custom1: "Your custom value", custom2: "Your custom value", custom3: "Your custom value", };


Please see LiveHelpNow Embedded JS SDK for more info.

For classic popup installation.

LiveHelpNow Classic Popup code has 3 parameters: custom1, custom2 and custom3.

var lhnCustom1 = ''; //Custom1 feed value please use encodeURIComponent() function to encode your values
var lhnCustom2 = ''; //Custom2 feed value please use encodeURIComponent() function to encode your values
var lhnCustom3 = ''; //Custom3 feed value please use encodeURIComponent() function to encode your values


Assign values which you would like to make available to your operators to the LiveHelpNow HTML code custom parameters.

var lhnCustom1='';

which will now display to your operators in LiveHelpNow operator panel/visitor info section letting them know that the visitor is now on web site.

Another example is assigning dynamic values like shopping cart or visitor specific information.
This example will show integration of custom parameters on ASP page:

var lhnCustom1=encodeURIComponent('<%=server.URLEncode(session("Customer_ID"))%>');
var lhnCustom2=encodeURIComponent('<%=server.URLEncode(session("Cart_Items"))%>');
var lhnCustom3=encodeURIComponent('<%=server.URLEncode(session("Cart_Amount"))%>');
The above integration will display Customer ID, Shopping Cart Items and Shopping Cart amount in operator panel for each visitor in real time. Operators using LiveHelpNow account with this kind of Custom Information Feed integration will now be armed with additional powerful piece of infomation helping them to offer related products in addtion to the ones already in visitor's shopping cart and help visitors better.
Furthermore Custom Information Feed can be used to integrate LiveHelpNow with the current CRM system your company uses.


PLEASE NOTE - Custom information is attached to your visitors for at least 48 hours unless updated.

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