Zoom Phone integration with Salesforce

How do I integrate Zoom Phone with my Salesforce account to log calls under leads and contacts automatically?

About Zoom Phone and Salesforce integration

The Zoom Phone platform offers a user-friendly Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system that allows businesses to efficiently set up and manage phone services to support their customers. With Zoom Phone, companies can easily assign and activate user accounts and phones to ensure effective communication and support. Salesforce is a provider of diverse software solutions focused on customer relationship management (CRM). Salesforce offers a range of software systems designed to help businesses effectively manage and enhance their interactions and relationships with customers.

LiveHelpNow contact center software offers a simple and efficient integration that allows users to effortlessly and instantly record all Zoom Phone interactions within the Salesforce platform The integration enables the logging of Zoom Phone interactions under the relevant Account, Contact, or Lead in Salesforce, ensuring that all communication is organized and easily accessible.

Not only does LiveHelpNow capture the dialogue during Zoom Phone conversations, but it also preserves valuable elements such as transcripts, recordings, and voicemails within the Salesforce platform. This comprehensive integration ensures that all pertinent information from Zoom Phone interactions is seamlessly transferred and stored in Salesforce for future reference.

With LiveHelpNow's integration, businesses can effectively manage their customer interactions, enhance collaboration, and streamline their workflow. By consolidating Zoom Phone communication within Salesforce, customer service teams can easily access and review past conversations, gaining valuable insights for future interactions.

How to integrate Zoom Phone with Salesforce

  1. In the LiveHelpNow admin workspace, navigate to Integrations & Partners → Salesforce and authorize your Salesforce account (this step needs to be completed once by a LiveHelpNow user with admin privileges in Salesforce CRM)
  2. In LiveHelpNow admin workspace, navigate to Support Channels → Phone and authorize your Zoom user account for which you want to track calls (this step needs to be completed by each LiveHelpNow user who wishes to integrate his/her Zoom Phone account)
  3. In LiveHelpNow admin workspace navigate to Call Management → General Settings and configure "Log closed calls in" setting to "Salesforce"


That is it! Once your agents resolve/close phone call records(optionally you may configure your LiveHelpNow account to close calls automatically), the call information including transcript, recording, voicemail and all agent comments will be stored in Salesforce CRM for the matching contact or lead record.


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