LiveHelpNow add on for CS-Cart

Is there a LiveHelpNow add on I can use on my CS-Cart powered site?

LiveHelpNow's Chat Button is the starting point for engaging your customers in conversation on your site. The live chat button adds click-to-chat functionality to your website, allowing you to interact directly with website visitors the same way you would in a traditional retail store. Choose a chat button image from our library of icons or add your own custom button images & plug them directly into your website.

LiveHelpNow's HelpOut Tab gives customers direct access to your best online support resources. The HelpOut Tab works with any combination of LiveHelpNow systems: Live chat, Knowledge Base, Ticket management, and Call Management. Learn more about how the HelpOut Tab works and its benefits:


Instructions on how to install and configure the chat button on CS-Cart 

Installation for CS-Cart 3 & 4:

1. Download the CS-Cart 3 or download the CS-Cart 4.


2. Extract its contents and upload the files to your website.


3. Login to your administrator side of your CS-Cart website.

(Version 3):

(Version 4):




4. Get to the add-ons section.

(Version 3):  Go to Administration -> Add-ons

(Version 4): Go to Add-ons -> Manage Add-ons



5. Find LiveHelpNow Help Desk and click install.

(Version 3):


(Version 4):



Configuration for CS-Cart 3 & 4:

1. Login to the administrator side of your CS-Cart website.

(Version 3):

(Version 4):




2. Go to Design -> Blocks.

(Version 3):

(Version 4):



3. Click the "Add Block" button on the section/grid you would like.

(Version 3):

(Version 4):



4. Choose Create New Block -> LiveHelpNow.



5. Enter a name for the block, choose Chat Button or HelpOut Tab and click on Settings.



A) FOR HELPOUT TAB ONLY: Fill out the form for HelpOut Tab and click "Create".


B) FOR CHAT BUTTON ONLY: Fill out the form for Chat Button and click "Create".


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