Dynamic chat invitations

How do I show a custom chat invitation message tailored to unique visitor information?

Upon visitor arrival to your website you may want to display a custom invitation message containing information you may already know about the visitor.
i.e. "Thank you for visiting our e-store again, Scott, please click [Start Chat] link should you require any assistance"
The message will appear to the visitor upon arriving to your website or on a particular page of your website. In the example above the name "Scott" was derived from your customer database based on a user's cookie or IP information.

(I) - The following should be read by a webmaster or an administrator with technical background:
In order to implement this functionality please declare a JavaScript variable containing the custom invitation message anywhere before LiveHelpNow Live Chat code installation on the page. Auto-Invitation should also be enabled for the account. The following is the example in an ASP language:
var zInvitationMessage="Thank you for visiting our e-store again, <%=FirstName%> , please click [Start Chat] link should you require any assistance";
LiveHelpNow Live Chat button code here......
Click here for instructions to customize the look & feel of the automatic chat invitation.
If you would like to trigger chat invitations based on user actions, this article explains how.

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