How to setup Email-to-Ticket integration

How do I properly setup Email-Ticket Management so all my customer-company email communications are organized in the Operator Panel?

How email-to-ticket integration works:

The Email-to-Ticket feature in the ticket support system organizes your customer emails by converting all customer email communications into a queue of organized, prioritized and assigned inquiries.  With email-to-ticket, you will know exactly when an inquiry was received, who is working on it, have access to the full history of customer and agent comments and be able to view the full lifecycle of the inquiry from opening to resolution.


Email-to-ticket setup: Step-by-Step

Login to your account and go to Admin Panel » Support Channels » Email

You will find your LiveHelpNow assigned email address (ex. LiveHelpNow monitors this account for you and will convert all incoming emails into ticket inquiries. We recommend forwarding all shared mailboxes (ex. "sales@" and "support@" emails) to this email address so all incoming emails will be created as tickets within your account.


Q & A:

Q: I have 4 operators and all receive email notifications of a new ticket, what happens when all of them reply via email and not in Operator Panel >> Tickets tab?

A: All replies will be routed to your mailbox for processing. The first operator replying to the email will have the ticket assigned to him/her, and it will be marked as acknowledged with his/her reply will be forwarded to the customer. All consecutive replies will be added to the ticket as private comments and will not be visible to the customer. (See: Ticket Notifications Explained)

Q: How do I close a ticket?

A: Only the operator assigned to the ticket may resolve it in Operator panel » Tickets.  Select a ticket and click on the "Resolve" button. (See: How to use the ticket system)

Q: What about attachments?

A: If customer email or reply has attachments, they will also be attached to the ticket.

Q: What happens when the customer replies to the updated ticket email?

A: Customer comment will be added to the ticket and the operator assigned to the ticket will be notified of the update. If ticket is in "closed" status, it'll be re-opened automatically.



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