Dropped Chats Explained

What is a dropped chat? Is there a dropped chats report?

A dropped chat occurs when a visitor initiates a chat session & the chat is not accepted by an operator. There are two reason why dropped chats may occur:

  1. The visitor started a chat accidentaly & then closed the window.

  2. The visitor started a chat intending to speak with an operator but there was no response, so they closed the chat window. These incidents should be avoided because they quickly drive down customer satisfaction.
    To avoid missing chats make sure you use the LiveHelpNow Alerter to go 'Online' when you're available and 'Offline' when you're unavailable as shown here: http://www.livehelpnow.net/lhn/images/use_alerter.gif

To view transcripts from dropped chats, switch to Admin panel -> Analytics -> Chat System -> Chat Transcripts and select "Dropped Only" before searching.

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