How to Setup Visitor Automations and Lead Scoring

How do I setup Visitor Automations and Score Leads based on visitor behavior?

Visitor Automations allow you to optimize visitor engagement and increase online sales. Present visitors with chat invitations that speak to their interests, assign visitors to properly skilled agents, or assign custom 'visitor tags' that display to your operators based on visitor attributes and visitor behaviors on your website.


How to setup a Visitor Automation:

  • In Admin Panel > Chat > Automations, click +Add Automation at the top-right. Add up to 3 visitor triggers.

  • Enter a Name and Description for your trigger.

  • (Optional) Enable s a schedule for your automation. You can set the days and start/end times during which automation should be active.

  • "Meet all of the following conditions:"
    Select a condition from the available Visitor Details, Visitor Actions, and Custom Values that will prompt your trigger and specify a value for the condition. To set another condition for the trigger, click +Add condition.

    ALL of the conditions added must be met in order to fire your trigger.

    If Alex speaks English and visits 3 pages then invite him to chat with the following message "Have any questions? Live operators are on standby"

  • "Meet any of the following conditions:"
    These conditions are the same as the above except if you create multiple conditions here then ANY of them will prompt your trigger.

    If Alex is a returning visitor or he visits 3 pages then tag Alex as a prospect.

  • "To perform these actions"
    Select the action that will result when your trigger conditions have been met. To set another action for the trigger click +Add action.


Lead Scoring rates and tracks visitor behavior in real time based on the criteria that you designate. Rating and tracking visitor behavior allows you to determine a visitor's level of interest in your solution, along with your interest in them. Combining both factors can convert truly qualified leads into sales.

You can assign lead scores to visitor behaviors within Visitor Triggers. Lead scores are cumulative and max out at 10. A visitor with a score of 10 is considered a sales-ready lead that's worth reaching out to, so invite them to chat!

Lead scores will appear in the Operator Panel:

If you have any questions about Visitor Triggers or Lead Scoring or would like assistance setting them up, please contact LiveHelpNow support to speak with a member of our team.

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